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Simple and Affordable Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal

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The summer selling season is here, but you still have a little work you need to do in order to attract qualified buyers to your home. The inside of your home is probably clean and ready to go, but you cannot forget about the exterior of your property.

  1. Clean homes always sell well, and I cannot stress the importance of cleaning enough. Remove any eyesores and possibly even rent a power washer to clear your walkways of debris. You also want a clean and orderly lawn.
  2. You also need to check on the condition of the paint outside your home. Repainting is one thing that often returns value if you invest the money into it.
  3. One other simple fix to curb appeal is to improve your lighting. You can change the feel of your home and your entryway by installing new fixtures and replacing burnt-out bulbs. Accentuating certain trees and shrubs can create a whole new dynamic around your home.
  4. I think hiring a professional landscaper is a must. You want all branches and limbs at least three feet from your home. Hiring a landscaper is often worth the extra costs.

"Repainting almost always returns value."

If you have any more questions or want any extra tips, please just reach out to me!