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The Effect of Brexit on the Phoenix Housing Market

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Did you know that the Brexit had an impact not only the on the U.S. housing market, but also the real estate market here in Arizona and Scottsdale?

We're at an all-time low in interest rates.

Brexit is of course the Britain's decision to leave the European Union - in a nutshell, they want to take back control of their country. So how does it affect us? Well, experts say that Britain made up about 1/6 of the EU's economy, and that the U.S. equivalent would be California and Florida being lopped off the U.S. economy.

The Federal Reserve cited Brexit as a reason not to increase interest rates, which is fabulous for the national housing market, as well as the housing market here in the Phoenix area. if you're still thinking about buying a home, we're again at an all-time low in interest rates. It's definitely time to jump on board and get that home of your dreams. Additionally, the jumbo products are very attractive, so if you're thinking about entering the luxury market, it's a great time. Give me a call soon and let's keep this conversation going!