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"We listed the home in the March April time frame last year and Michelle did all the paperwork all the flyers, brochures, whatever was necessary to showcase the house. She did a very good job, very professional. In a little over four months we had some activity and an offer through her and we closed the house. After inspection she made sure the buyers and sellers were happy with finalizing the details and she was on top of the stuff as well as with the inspection people. That was a big part of it, making sure everything goes smooth for the buyers and sellers point of views, I really really like that. She was the key person to make this happen." -Parviz

“We listed a property and she marketed it. The property was torn down so it was unusual because there wasn't a structure on it so it didn't really fit a standard marketing cycle. She was able to successfully market it and push for investors to get in there and of course they had nonstandard structures to their entity and financing and she jumped through all those hoops. So I felt positively about the contribution she made.” -Dave

"Very good, very efficient, good follow through, kept everything organized. She's just excellent we were very happy with her. Yes she's immediately responsive no matter where she is. She even solved a problem for us while she was on a flight and made it possible for us to get a house we were going to miss out on." -Julia

"I was very pleased with Michelle she was very aggressive in getting traffic to our house. She was very quick to get our house marketed as far as online and on her website and getting a sign out in front of our house. Excellent follow up to let us know what the prospects thought of the house. As far as the sale and handling of the contract she was very thorough and followed up with us through the whole process so we knew what was going on." -Kelli

"The results we had were that we had 3 or four offers on our house within a day or maybe within a few hours of listing. I think one of Michelle's strengths is that she can identify key points when executing an offer. She can proactively work them and I think she really advised us to slow down when offers were coming in so we could consider everything and be more strategic rather than take the first thing that comes along, which is tempting." -Michelle

"Michelle is extremely professional and responsive and easy to communicate with.
I always felt like Michelle was looking out for my best interests, not hers or anyone else." -Stacey

David Denboer Michelle was very responsive for me during a very difficult transaction. In addition to the industry and transactional knowledge she clearly possessed, she also responded to emails while on vacation internationally, she was responding to buyer inquiries both during and after normal work hours…always with poise and professionalism. I felt a sense of partnership working with Michelle that I very much appreciate as it stands head and shoulders above other service providers in this market.
Dr. Nick Withem Working with Michelle made the whole process of buying a home a breeze. I worked with other agents in the past who just did not put forth the same effort as she did. Her professionalism was beyond compare as she catered to my needs and gave me more attention than I have had in the past. I highly recommend working with her and plan to work with her more on future purchases.
Barbara Holland Michelle was a true professional to work with. We were in a competitive market with as many as 8 homes for sale in the immediate area and she diligently marketed my home and followed up with every showing. . I would recommend Michelle for all your home buying, selling and renting needs.
Randy Goldberg Michelle has more positive energy than anyone I have known! If anyone can market a home, it’s her! She is honest, has integrity and always gives 100%.
Amanda Thompson Big-HuGe shout out to Michelle Wauro and MRW Homes for the fabulous marketing (including HD drone video tour, beautiful photography for mailers and print sheets), amazing follow up with every single showing, clear communication through inspection,appraisal,closing, and most of all believing our home was worth every bit of asking price.

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